Your amusing act and quick humor fit in well with the current health care climate and left everybody in attendance laughing. Your performance was enjoyed by all. Your clever combination of humor, music and acting were just what the doctor ordered.

Alberta Medical Association

Thirty-three of our senior management attended a three day business planning meeting. The agenda was very heavy and the tone was serious. We wanted to lighten things up half way through the session and Johnny Bagpipes certainly accomplished this. For 40 minutes he entertained our crowd with his smart and funny comedy.

Palmer Jarvis

Not only did he fill the bill and live up to our expectations he was simply outstanding. Our group was a tired lot from their days activities however Johnny quickly energized them with his material and affable delivery.


His routine was fresh, upbeat and highly entertaining. Needless to say, the meeting attendees thoroughly enjoyed the program.

Portland Cement Association

Thank you for a humorous look at our industry, the region and life in general, in my opinion, contributed to one of the Institute’s most successful conferences yet. You even managed to touch on our theme in several of you anecdotes

Crop Protection Institute

He kept the crowd laughing for the entire length of his performance with local humor. He poked fun at things everyone could relate to. When he played the bagpipes, we heard such a wonderful variety of sounds, good entertainment indeed.

General Motors of Canada

Thank you so much for making our three days of “Delta Celebrations”such a success. I am sure it is not easy to make 1,500 bankers laugh three nights in a row but you had them in stitches! Even the executives, who saw every show, were still laughing on the third night. We were in desperate need of a good laugh and you delivered much more than that! You were exactly what we needed.


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